From 7/21/86 to 6/13/88, almost all of the source sheets have been posted. There are about six episodes that I have not posted as they need to be rescanned. I will also be working to improve the OCR quality of the PDF files and to have them indexed by Google so the content of the source sheets can be searched. -12/14/14

I am beginning to post the source sheets. 1988 is mostly complete. These are from the late great John Judge (RIP). Also thank you to Dave from ratical.org for finding and scanning these sheets. -12/3/14

Everything up to 1988 has been posted. I have to thank John Judge for his assistance in providing audio and with various information on Mae. -3/19/13

1986 is complete. Posted Larry Flynt newspaper ads from 1983. -4/5/12

Added mobile compatibility. -3/4/12

1985 is complete. -8/30/11

I have changed the subject index so that it is based on categories rather than tags.  I have updated the links to the radio shows up to the end of 1984. -6/9/11

There has been a major overhaul to the website.  There is a subject index page, an improved layout and the radio broadcasts have links posted up until 1975. -3/5/11

I have uploaded almost all of Mae Brussell’s radio shows that I have in my possession to the web (currently 710 shows).  I still need to upload call-in shows, radio interviews with Mae on other stations, a few lectures, recordings from her conspiracy course taught with Ray Fabrizio in 1974 and more.  The attached text file has a list of all of the shows that I have sorted, edited the meta data for and uploaded to the website.  All shows on the list can currently be accessed, but I still need to create links to almost all of the shows on the website.  There are definite dry spells in my collection, specifically in parts of the mid-70’s, so if you are aware of any potential sources of Mae’s recorded radio shows, please let me know.  My goal here is to create a free, easily accessible archive of Mae’s radio shows, articles, etc. without injecting personal views into the site as much as possible.  I hope that in the future this becomes a collaborative effort with many people contributing. -12/11/10


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