**The following webpages are temporary.  I will post newspaper articles relevant to the issues that Mae investigated.  Eventually these articles will be in posts relating to Mae’s broadcasts.  Click each article to open full-size in a new window.**

For the best summation of these events, read John Judge’s article:

The Black Hole of Guyana: The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre


NY Times 11/20/78:
NY Times 11/21/78:
NY Times 11/22/78:
NY Times 11/23/78 Front Page Article:
NY Times 11/25/78 Articles:
NY Times 12/17/78:
This is the interview of Dr. Mootoo in the Chicago Tribune referenced in the NY Times:
This article is from 12/8/78 about the questionable actions of famed Warren Commission critic and attorney for Jim Jones, Mark Lane:

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