Mark Lane

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NY Times from 9/11/49:

NY Times from 2/4/79 discusses how Lane was caught posing as a reporter for Esquire Magazine while representing the People’s Temple.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

On Oct. 2, the day before the news conference, Mr. Lane traveled to Ukiah, Calif., where the People’s Temple had been based before moving to San Fransisco, to interview two other critics of the Temple. Kathy Hunter, a local newspaper reporter, and Dr. Steven Katsaris, a psychiatrist whose daughter, Maria, had become Mr. Jones’s mistress.

Dr. Katsaris said Mr. Lane did not identify himself as a lawyer but rather as “a journalist working on an article to be printed in Esquire magazine.”

“I asked him why his name was familiar,” Dr. Katsaris recalled,”and he said maybe it was from something he had written.” Mr. Lane proceeded to question him not only about his daughter, Dr. Katsaris said, but also about the lawsuit he had brought against the Temple.

Clay Felker, the editor of Esquire, said his magazine had never assigned Mr. Lane to write and article on the People’s Temple or anything else. The lawyer’s code of professional responsibility mandates that “in his representation of a client, a lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement of law or fact.”

NY Times from 4/23/81:
Chicago Tribune from 12/24/78:
An article about Mark Lane attempting to take a key witness in the MLK assassination case to Jonestown:

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