Dialogue: Assassination 71-07-28

Mae with Gloria Barron

-Demand of Black Panthers in prison riot in New Orleans.  List of 10 Demands includes removal of Jim Garrison as District Attorney.

-Mae says: Garrison was first DA in the south to use African Americans as part of the jury system and someone fed the negative Garrison information to the Panthers.

-Kennedy would not run for President from an interview in Look Magazine.  Mae hypothesizes Chappaquiddick was designed  to keep Kennedy from running in 1972.  Mae spoke with Mary Jo Kopechne’s mother and told her that her daughter was expendable like JD Tippit in Dallas.  Mae hypothesizes that Tippit was killed so there was an excuse to pick up Oswald.

-Dwayne Wolfer sues lawyer Barbara Blair for $2 million over her allegations of evidence tampering in the RFK case and her demand that Wolfer not be promoted to LAPD head criminologist.  Wolfer suing 15 John Doe’s within the LAPD for giving Barbara Blair the information.

-Mae gives examples of 40 pieces of evidence destroyed in the JFK assassination: car interior, lamppost removal, street sign removal.

-Nation Magazine, July 19, 1971, Assassination Investigations: The Irregulars Take the Field by Fred J. Cook http://www.thenation.com/archive/irregulars-take-field

-Senator George Murphy doubted lone assassin theories.

-Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry’s book Assassination File http://www.amazon.com/Retired-Dallas-reveals-personal-assassination/dp/B0006CZR8M

-Mae says that she was invited to and will work with Bud Fensterwald on the Committee to Investigate Assassinations.

-Computers and Automation, July 1971, Vol 20#7, Central Intelligence Agency and the NY Times.  NY Times book review of Heritage of Stone by John Leonard from December 1, 1970.

-Government Employees Exchange report titled “Otto Otepka: Victim of the New Team”, on the CIA to establish an underground government within our government (Congressional Record April 30, 1969 – pg. 10918


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